Anonymous Mom: I Hate My Sister In Law Passionately

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hate my sister in law Full disclosure: my brother is not a blood relation and he’s sort of more my first child. The backstory here is when I was ten, my mother took him in as a six-month-old to babysit him full time. His mother had many issues of her own and was largely an absentee mother. For this reason he practically lived with us for his first six years. Being ten years older than him I became his little mommy. Toting him around on my hip, feeding, diapering, and later driving him all over. Now he’s a 30-year-old man and fairly recently married. I didn’t know his fiancee well before the wedding and saw little of her afterward. Their baby came soon after.

Almost all off what I know of her and her parenting style is via social media.
This woman makess Narcissus look humble. Every. Single.Thing. She does or thinks or waxes poetic about is posted for mass consumption with tranquil, artful filters. There are professional photo shoots for everything ( an expense I know my brother can’t afford). She often posts about people in general being addicted to social media to the detriment of their children, yet posts about three to five times a day. She laments her limited time with the baby since she works, but posts all of her homesteading endeavors, workouts, crafts, home cooking, ad nauseam.

All this I could possibly handle, except it’s never (never) about the baby or my brother, for that matter. Everything is all about her. Hey amazing parenting skills, her kitchen skills, her boundless creativity and beauty. You may think I’m simply jealous. No, my son is ten. I breastfed six months, made all of his baby food and love him with every ounce of my being. And love him even more each day. I’m just disgusted by her me, me, me, it’s all about me mentality that seems to be getting so much more prevalent in this age of social media, likes and followers. I wish I could like her. Hell, I wish I could tolerate her. Does anyone out there have any advice on how to handle this sort of mom? I never even know how to respond on Facebook. She’s said anyone who criticizes her will be immediately deleted!

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