Mom Shares Urgent Hatchimals Warning After Her Girl Suffers Chemical Burns

Hatchimals are freaking everywhere! Now kids can have these little critters as toys, stuff animals, and bath bombs. Yes, the adorable bird-like creatures have finally made their way into the bathtub. The relaxing bombs contain a little toy inside and will hopefully promote relaxing baths for the kiddos. However, it seems that we can’t have good things in 2017.

Jennifer Renee recently posted on Facebook that her daughter got chemical burns from her Hatchimals bath bomb. According to Cafe Mom, Renee says that her daughter, Willow, had gotten the bath bomb as a birthday present and was enjoying a bath for about 30 seconds before her skin became red and painful.

”PSA! Do NOT buy this for your children!” she wrote. ”Followed directions on the package and placed in her bathtub.”

She continued, “Thought it would be fun for her because there was a toy inside. After being in the water 30 – 45 seconds she stated her skin was hurting, upon looking she had received a chemical burn from a KIDS BATH BOMB.”

Renee says that her daughter has used a number of different bath bombs in the past and has never had a reaction like this. She emphasizes that the Willow was not holding the bomb when she was burned. But, because this is the internet, a number of people questioned the truth of the post. However, it seems that Renee isn’t the only person to have this problem.

”Now her hands are all red”¦ do you think we should take her to the ER or wait to see what happens”¦” Cafe mom reports a grandmother from Oklahoma asked on Facebook you know, the place to go for medical advice.

Others have reached out in alarm saying that they had purchased this product for their children as stocking stuffers and Christmas presents. Many have decided to remove the gifts from under the tree. Renee posted the batch number for her particular bomb, saying that she contacted the company, who is investigating the issue.

While no official recall has been ordered, if you happened to pick up this stocking stuffer, the batch number of the Hatchimals bath bomb that burned Willow is HZ062HBAZATUR. So make sure to check your bomb before tossing in the bath!

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(Image: Facebook/Jennifer Renee)

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