Mother Charged With Homicide As Her Babies Died Holding Each Other In House Fire

Hartsville Mobile Home Fire I can’t stand this story. This is one of those times I wish I had a wayback machine so I could go and take all these kids out of their home and make this tragedy go away and have never happened. Hope Kaneshia Hawkins, age 21, has been charged with homicide by child abuse after leaving her four children alone. A fire broke out in their trailer in Hartsville, South Carolina and all of the children died of smoke inhalation. The worst part of this story, as reported by the Daily Mail:

The fire is believed to be accidental and started in the kitchen. Rather than escape, it seemed the frightened children tried to protect themselves in the cupboard.


Firefighters discovered the bodies of the kids, ages four, two and twins ages 10 months  embracing each other and hiding in the kitchen cupboard. They died hugging each other.

The mom told the police that the fire stated and she tried to get her kids out of the house, but authorities claim that the mother showed up after the fire trucks had already arrived. The town held a candlelit vigil for the children on Friday night and their funeral service took place on Wednesday. The children’s young cousins were pallbearers.

I don’t get it.I don’t understand how a much could do this. I have no idea why a mother would be so negligent to leave her kids home alone like this, but my heart breaks for them. The mom is expected to serve at least 20 years in prison.


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