This $140K Princess Castle Is Perfect For Living Vicariously Through Your Spoiled Child

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I’m not saying it isn’t gorgeous, because it is. I would love this fancy pink room. I am deeply envious of its beautiful floors, which I wish were in my house. But it seems like there is a line at which point a parent loses plausible deniability about a toy being for the children, and that line falls well before $137,000. (I get it, though. I spent all last night eyeballing $1,000+ dollhouses “for my daughter,” who is three months old and has no interest in dollhouses.)

If I had unlimited resources, I can’t say for sure that I wouldn’t spend the price of a studio apartment in Chicago on a princess castle for my kid, but I sure hope I would not. $137,000 would buy a lot of ponies, and I hope any purchasers install them quickly, because anybody who has ever been a little girl knows this will only hold a kid’s attention for a limited time at best. Sure, I’d have adored it at 10. But by 13 I would have been painting it black and covering it with Vampire Diaries posters.

Photos: Master Wishmakers

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