Harper Seven Deigns To Wear Converses

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harperbeckhamFor a mother-daughter shopping trip, I would have expected to have seen little Harper Seven Beckham decked out in some little pumps or perhaps even bejeweled sandals. After all, the baby girl isn’t even one year old and already has a visit to New York City Fashion Week under her belt. But let it be known that as outlandish or lavish Victoria Beckham may appear, she is still throwing her tot in Converses for a day of shopping.

The two were photographed in Beijing and little Harper appeared like a lot of kiddies on the playground: like a kid. Not like a mini-Victoria complete with platform heels and a mini quilted Chanel, but like a baby. Despite the press’s insistence to glamorize baby Harper as the fashion prodigy set to mimic her mother’s every nail polish color, she is at present just a 10-month-old in some white converses, a floral top, and a barrette. The image alone is humbling in a tabloid narrative that calls her a “fashionista in the making!” and names her the #1 hottest celeb under 25 at a mere eight weeks old.  But will points be deducted for that next InStyle list for this fashion faux pas?

Heaven forbid she be photographed with a sippy cup.