Happy Easter! Check Out These Creepy Bunnies

Evil Bunny

Who made a trip to the mall this year to get a picture of your darling little one cheesing it up with a six-foot bunny? Anyone? Not us. And it’s not just because my daughter is angling for an Easter Snake to replace the Easter Bunny in the near future. (Snakes lay eggs guys, it just makes sense.)

Let’s face it, most malls try really hard to create a happy experience for children who just want to get close to a magical creature. But there are others that simply miss the mark. It’s hard to know which you’re going to run in to. Will you meet the happy, cheery bunny with a big smile and bowtie? Or will you meet the oddly grimacing animal who seems to get a little too handsy? Bad Santa scarred all of us and we’ll never look at mall holiday photo lands the same.

Just click through this gallery to see some truly terrifying Easter Bunnies and their victims unhappy customers. It might make you think twice about dressing your little one up in their finest and dragging them to the mall next. Or it will just give you something to laugh at as the children around you fall into a sugar coma. Whatever works!

These awesome pictures are courtesy of Sketchy Bunnies. Head over to their website and check out a wide array of uncomfortableness. I just picked out a couple of my favorites.[ITPGallery]

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