So Wait. Handjobs In The Delivery Room Are A Thing?

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Can someone give this guy a HAND?

The standard postpartum wisdom is to wait six weeks after having a baby to attempt P-in-the-V sex. Of course, if your hormones are raging, and you’re raring to go, you can talk to your doctor about your specific circumstances. Many doctors confirm that six weeks is just a guideline to help a new mom heal and make her feel more comfortable. But I highly doubt that any doctor would condone getting it on in the delivery room—just a few hours after popping out your kid.

Personally, I can’t think of anything grosser than having sex immediately after having a baby. But thanks to the magic of the Internet, there are always interesting perspectives that differ from my own:

Not going to lie, but I was in the hospital for almost a week and dh and I messed around some in my room. But not vaginal sex. We did that about 2 weeks after DS was born, but I had a c section and not a lot of pain.

So I delivered my wonderful baby girl on Saturday night! We get to go home tonight at 10pm so excited! My labor was AWESOME no pain meds for pushing… I didn’t rip , tear, or have ANY scractches! And was able to pee afterwards! In fact most of swelling has went down and it looks pretty normal. So I rewarded my husband with a BJ in the bathroom in our room at the hospital! LOL he has been so amazing taking care of me. And for him to see me at my worst and still want a BJ makes me feel like sexually our marrige is making it through this child birth stuff! Maybe it won’t ruin or sex life ater all! Sorry just funny info.. wondered if anyone else has done this for there SO?

Omg lol! Until now, I was the only person I know who got freaky in the hospital after giving birth! Totally jerked the hubby atleast twice last delivery! I’m glad to know that I’m not alone!

Good for them…? Really, I do have a curious amount of respect for these frisky women willing to indulge in sexual favors right after having a baby. For the most part, these stories sound like new moms willing to give dad a “hand” after all the fun of labor is done. Once again, this is not something I can identify with in the least, but more power to them. Exhaustion, sweat, blood, and runny makeup do not a handjob make.

Fooling around is one thing, but actual sex in the delivery room is quite another. I’m not a medical professional, so I can’t give any advice. However, I can say that if you decide to get down and dirty right after having a baby in the hospital, you better believe that doctors and nurses will probably know about it.

OR, how about you just stay on the safe side and wait until your doctor gives your business end a thorough check. Handies after baby—why not? Sexual intercourse right after deliver—probably not a good idea.

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