10 Halloween Costumes That Only Work With Twins

Parents of twins may have double the work, but come Halloween we reap the benefits of double the cute (and double the candy). Here’s ten Halloween costumes for twins that will garner your kids more attention than they get already.

1. Peter Pan and his shadow.


This will work great if one of your kids wants to be something a bit spooky but his twin doesn’t.

2. The twins from The Shining.


Some parents enjoy dressing their kids in creepy costumes over cute ones. If you are so daring, this is a great pick. I know these girls are in costume but I’m still a little freaked out.

3. Thing One and Thing Two


Perfect for little troublemakers who crawl around getting into mischief.

4. Tweedledee and Tweedledum


For those that love a DIY challenge.

5. Superman and Clark Kent


Cuteness overload.

6. Twinkies


These two are so adorable that I really could just eat them right up.

7. Mario and Luigi

mario opt
( TwinZ Pillow/ Pinterest)

I mustache that you dress your babies like this for Halloween.

8. Luke and Leia


He gets a light saber, she gets an awesome hairdo- everyone wins.

9. Sandy and Danny from Grease

(Kaniowah Hare/Pinterest)

Bonus points and potential YouTube fame if you can teach them to sing a duet of Summer Lovin’ as they go door to door.

10. Wayne and Garth


They might not know who they are supposed to be, but they’re only there for the candy anyway.

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