What Your Kid’s Halloween Costume Says About You

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halloween costumeAre you Halloween shopping for the brood yet? The Internet has no doubt produced a variety of horrifying costumes for you to choose from and not exactly in a Halloween scary kind of way. Seeing your 11-year-old daughter decked out like a highly sexualized goldlilocks can leave many a parent frightened for this holiday. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that she was dressed as a simple cat or a ballerina or maybe even a super hero. But, alas, culture and maybe even some peer influence has her looking to throw on some sexy pigtails and high heels all in the name of dressing up.

But regardless of what kids want this season, it’s usually and ultimately parents who are throwing down the credit cards. You’re the ones making the decisions about your kids dressing as Native Americans or cowboys and you’ll definitely be getting the criticism for whatever your kid turns down the neighborhood corner wearing. In keeping consistent with a lot of parenting themes, you’ll be judged for your kid’s garb — from sexy candy striper to simple witch outfit. So let’s beat all those other parents to the judgey circle and say what everyone is going to say — or at least assume — anyway.


(photo: waldru/ Shutterstock)