Happy Halloween! Here Are The Christmas Presents I Can’t Wait To Give You

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christmas halloweenI felt really proud of myself for getting an early start to my Christmas shopping this year. Considering the enormous size of our family, my husband and I spend thousands on holiday gifts each winter. By spreading the cost out over the next couple of months, I figured I would cut back on the December money crunch. Yay for me and my planning ahead, right?

Well, this plan would be great if I could actually keep the presents buried away until Christmas. The problem is that I really enjoy giving my daughter gifts. Honestly, I like giving everyone gifts. I’m a gift-giver. I think it’s super fun. And my daughter is just so unbelievably adorable!

This week, my little girl was home with pink eye. Her infection wasn’t bad, but it still needed to be treated with drops. Understandably, my 4-year-old was not excited about the idea of putting anything into her already-itchy eye. In fact, the idea terrified her. She broke down in sobs in the middle of the pharmacy, clinging to my leg and begging me not to touch her eye. And after I finally got her calmed down, got the drops in, and had cuddled her on my lap, it only made sense to give her a new movie to watch. After all, a sick day needs a new movie. And I had one just sitting there in the closet, waiting to be opened.

This weekend, we’re taking a trip to visit my sister in Chicago. It’s more than seven hours in a car over the course of two days. That sounds like a really good reason to give my daughter one of the V-Reader games I’ve been hanging on to. It’s educational and potentially quiet fun in a car, and I know my daughter’s going to be excited to get it.

My premature gift-giving isn’t just involving my daughter, though she’s been the luckiest recipient so far. My sister’s early Christmas present is about to become a house-warming gift. Sure it’s way more money than I would normally spend on a house-warming gift, but it’s perfect for her new place and I just can’t wait to give it to her.

I guess what I’m saying is that early Christmas buying just isn’t as economically prudent as I thought. Because I give the gifts away and just have to buy things all over again. But on the other hand, I don’t enjoy the presents any less when I give them on December 25th or October 31st. I still love giving presents. I still love seeing people’s faces light up and hearing the excitement in their voices. Maybe I should just give gifts all year long. I’m sure my husband and my bank account will understand.

So yea, friends and family might be getting random gifts for Halloween. I might hand out a bunch of gifts on my birthday in November, because giving really is more fun than receiving. This year, I’m giving lots and spoiling everyone. Next year, maybe I’ll just save the money early on, and start the buying a little bit closer to the big day.