Halle Berry Is Expecting A Half-French Wholly Gorgeous Baby Boy With Olivier Martinez

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Halle Berry pregnantDespite some plans to split for France, Halle Berry recently said that she would remain on US soil until her 5-year-old daughter Nahla was old enough to decide where she wanted to live. But now Halle has a second baby to consider unloading before she goes to France. Or maybe she’ll just be able to toss that one on a plane.

TMZ reports that 46-year-old Halle is expecting her second child, a son, with her punch-happy fiancé Olivier Martinez (who is 47 himself). The soon-to-be mommy of two is reportedly three months along, which means plenty of pregnant bikini pics to be had for those icky paparazzis who got just a tad too close to Nahla for the family’s liking. (Invest in a tent).

Given that Halle has already been absurdly used as a talking point for blindly encouraging older women to conceive, I don’t doubt for a second that this second pregnancy will be used as yet another “tsk tsk” tool. Yet another gorgeous, A-list actress lady seeming to effortlessly get pregnant at the drop of a French baguette. A second baby at 46? How dare she? And you can pretty much just fill in the rest of the script from there.

(photo: WENN)