Halle Berry Will Pursue Her ‘I’m Just Going To Run Away To France’ Fantasy After She Unloads Her Kid

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Halle Berry takes daughter Nahla Aubry on a school runIf Halle Berry and myself had our way, we’d pack our bags and split for France. The only difference between us is that she has a hot French fiancé (working on it) and an ex who isn’t about to let her take his daughter across the pond. But Halle hasn’t given up on her dreams as much as she’s adding them to the retirement plan. Way to switch it up, Halle.

Daily Mail reports that Halle’s ex-partner, Gabriel Aubry, who famously threw punches at her fiancé Olivier Martinez, has put his foot down on a possible family move. As has a judge overseeing the custody battle.

Although Halle would ideally like to take 5-year-old Nahla to France where she could learn French and be one of those enviably gorgeous bilingual children who will probably grow up to pal around with Shiloh, Aubry says no. And for understandable reasons. His kid too, when would he see her, their relationship would be fractured, and all that.

But Halle is still angling to move to France — in like 13 years:

“[The move] probably won’t be until my daughter is 18 and off to college. When Nahla turns 18, she’ll be legally able to make her own decisions about where she wants to be and I think that then, when she’s off on her own, we’ll move there. It’s where I want to end my days, that’s for sure.”

The obscenely gorgeous Halle Berry to gracefully retire alongside a Parisian balcony? France just got more beautiful.