16 Interesting Habits Babies Inherit From Their Mothers

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Sense Of Humor

mom and daughter love

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There is no doubt that children learn to have a similar sense of humor to their parents. If mom has a jovial personality and a lighthearted way of looking at life, chances are that you will see her relaxed demeanor and not take things so seriously. Perhaps mom is a little more uptight and takes things personally, you may also get offended by certain kinds of humor.

Just like if mom really loves infantile humor like toilet humor or overly humorous movies like Airplane or Blazing Saddles, you probably grew up with an appreciation for that kind of humor and you will carry that through your life. Maybe your mom had a very dry and sophisticated sense of humor and you too are witty and sarcastic and that’s okay too. Be who you are and laugh as much as possible.

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