16 Interesting Habits Babies Inherit From Their Mothers

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Holding Back Or Going For It

mom talking to daughter on bed

Image: iStock / evgenyatamanenko

We learn how to live in the world as children. This is when who we will become is developing. When you were small, perhaps your parents told you to be seen and not heard or to let your siblings have a chance in the spotlight, if you’re from a big family, you know what I’m talking about.

Maybe your parents encouraged you to not speak your mind to keep the peace or play it safe and live your life modestly. More likely that is what you saw them doing. When you grow up, you find that you’re holding yourself back.

Or maybe your parents were go-getters who taught you that you could do and be anything you wanted in life and that’s what they did. They went for it. They were all in. They were fearless in their pursuit of happiness and now so are you.

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