Gwyneth Paltrow Making Her Kids Speak Spanish Reminds Me They’re Probably Smarter Than Me

Gwyneth Paltrow At Printemps Christmas Decorations Inauguration In Paris

Is anyone surprised that Gwyneth Paltrow makes her children speak only in Spanish? And not just when they’re at home eating low-carb food in $500 sweaters made from cashmere, spun gold, and the DNA of Anthony Hopkins, either””when they’re out in public, at random weddings and such.

According to a source from US Weekly, Gwyneth and her kids, Apple, 9, and Moses, 7, were at a wedding at Cameron Diaz‘s house when she was overheard telling them to speak en Espanol, por favor. The “onlooker” says:

“Gwyneth reminded them through the party. At one point..Apple came to her table and asked, in Spanish, if she could sit on her lap!”

Now, I think being bilingual is amazing. It’s pretty much proven that people who speak more than one language are smarter. You need to get kids speaking in another language early, too, because they’re sponges and blah blah blah brain expansion and making them culturally-adept and whatnot. I get that, I really do. Every child I’ve ever seen who is bilingual seems so intelligent, not to mention well-spoken.

But. Buuuuut. Does Gwyneth really need to make her elementary schoolers speak in Spanish when they’re out at an event? Presumably she’s busy socializing with people, so why even worry if Apple and Moses aren’t asking her for pan instead of bread or agua instead of water? It just seems the act of a hopeless (and hopelessly snobby) control freak. I can understand it if they were at a wedding in Spain (or anywhere in Spain!) but at a friend’s house in LA?

I’m sure her kids will turn out brilliant, polite and with very high-brow tastes whether they speak Spanish regularly or not. Although I can’t help but wish both Apple and Moses long and healthy teenage rebellious phases where they shop at Goodwill, eat only Cheetos, and refuse to give in to their mom’s hoity-toityness.

Photo: Film Magic/Getty Images

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