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Gwyneth Paltrow And I Have Decided Not To Have Any More Babies

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Gwyneth Paltrow has decided not have any any more babies because she feels she can “No longer go back to diapers.”

From The Daily Mail:

However, asked if she would have more children with husband Chris Martin, 35, she said: ‘I don’t think so. I would love to, but I sort of feel like I don’t know if I can go back to diapers and things like that. I’m so past that, I think I may have missed the window.

‘I think if maybe when Moses was three, I would have done it, or four even, but now he’s six and such a guy, I feel like I’m out of the baby phase.

‘If it happens, it happens.’

Haha you guys! Gwyneth is trying to tell us she changed diapers. We know Gwyneth Paltrow has hired nannies in the past. We know she is a celebrity mom  and we know we can never be like her. But I feel Gwyneth. I’m also past the time where I’m interested in birthin’ babies. Don’t get me wrong, I love babies, but I have more than enough children and these children will eventually grow up and require things like college educations so I’m done. My decision has nothing to do with the fact I don’t want to change diapers, but because emotionally and financially I feel like I have enough children.

Gwyneth also states:

She admitted occasionally feeling ‘overwhelmed’ by her busy schedule, saying: ‘I find that I get stressed out when I try to do too many things at once, and so I try not to. I feel very stressed out if I’m trying to cook and help the children with their homework and answer emails and talk to my lawyer or whatever.

Gwyneth I feel you. I get overwhelmed too when I’m helping with homework and trying to cook dinner and doing three loads of laundry a day and cleaning up dog vomit and writing and washing my kitchen floor on my hands and knees and doing all of this on a combined net worth that is less than 114 million dollars. We do have it hard, Gwyneth.

I wish I could sit down and explain to Gwyneth that she doesn’t HAVE to change diapers. She could make her husband Chris Martin do it, like I did with my husband. She could hire someone to change diapers. She could hire someone to do all the things that “overwhelm” her and focus instead on raising her children. That’s the difference between us and Gywneth. Most of us moms are overwhelmed and exhausted and stressed because that is our life. We just don’t do it in a few different multi-million dollar homes.

I like Gwyneth just fine. She seems like a good, caring mom who knows her limits and has made the decision not to have any more babies on what is right for her. I just really don’t like it when Gwyneth tries to come across as a mom who is just like us. Because there is a vast difference between those of us raising babies on average one or two parent incomes, and those of us who purchase $1000 prams.

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