Gwyneth Paltrow Blunders Backwards Into A Good Point About Food Stamps

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Whether she intended to or not, Paltrow’s photo raises an important issue. Most families who live on food stamps would likely choose different items that would last longer, like pasta or canned foods, instead of her peas and measly single bag of brown rice. Even then, having enough food to last the week would be a struggle. But Paltrow regularly eats a healthy diet, and it appears she didn’t want to stop doing that in order to take part in the NYC Food Bank Challenge. No family should have to sacrifice quality for quantity in their diet. It shouldn’t be that only the wealthy like Gwyneth have the privilege of eating a diet centered around produce and fresh, healthy ingredients.

The need for SNAP reform isn’t a new issue, it’s one that recipients of these benefits have been talking about for some time. It’s frustrating to see celebrities like Batali and Paltrow act as though they are discovering this new unjustice in the world. It would be refreshing to see a celebrity use their fame to point people towards those who live on SNAP everyday and allow them to be the mouthpieces of reform. But until that happens, we’ll have to take the raising of public awareness of the problems with SNAP were we can, even if Paltrow didn’t realize what message she was sending when she posted her photo.

(Photo credit: Jerome Favre /GettyImages)

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