Gwyneth Paltrow Gives Playing In The Dirt Her GOOPy Approval

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It’s official. I’ve written about plenty of scientific studies showing that too much good hygiene and antibacterial everything can do more harm than good to children’s health. Our immune systems need to be exposed to some bacteria to build up their strength and resistance. I know some people were a little hesitant to believe those researchers. After all, studies seem to change every time you turn around. That’s why I’m happy to announce that we have definitive proof that dirt is good for your kids. We know this because Gwyneth Paltrow just gave the idea her GOOPy approval.

That’s right, in an interview with Britain’s OK! Magazine, Her Preppiness talked about letting little Apple and Moses get a little dirty.

“When they get home from school, I ask them to wash their hands but I think it’s good for them to be in dirt and germs because that’s how you build an immune system – by getting sick. I mean, if someone has the flu, I don’t put my kid in their face, but it’s an inevitable fact of life.”

Why Gwynnie, that sounds downright logical. It sounds like something a normal human being would say. Maybe later in the interview she talked about having labs create specially blended “good bacteria” to feed to your kids to help their immune systems for a measely $3200 a month. That would be more like the Gwyneth we know and love. Maybe she has designer dirt flown in from Italy for her children to play in. There has to be a twist here, right?

I’m glad that we can finally consider this case closed and let our children run around in the back yard without pulling out the wet wipes. We can lay down in the grass without putting a blanket down first. We can leave the hand sanitizer at home when we head to the park.

I never thought I would say this, but let’s all be a little more like Gwyneth Paltrow today. Our kids will be fine if they contract a cold once a year. In fact, they’ll be a little bit stronger for it.

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