Deceased 8-Year-Old Is Curiously Returned To Parents With All Of Her Organs Missing

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needlesA parent’s worst nightmare; a child goes into the hospital for a minor complaint and doesn’t come out. This is what the parents of 8-year-old Gurkiren Kaur Loyal are going through after their daughter was taken to a medical clinic in Punjab, India, for mild dehydration. Gurkiren died after a medical assistant injected her with a mystery substance, causing her to convulse. She was quickly transferred to a nearby hospital but she couldn’t be saved.

This is horrifying enough but the story unfortunately gets worse. When her body was returned to the UK in order to be examined by pathologists in Birmingham, all of her organs were missing. Everything except the girl’s eyes.

Gurkiren’s parents suspect that she was murdered in an attempt to harvest her organs. The black market sale of human organs is a growing problem in India, despite the practice being outlawed in 1994. Gurkiren’s parents, worried that her organs were at risk, stood vigil over the body so none could be taken for transplant. Still, when the body was returned the organs were missing. This prompted Amrit Kaur Loyal, the child’s mother, to speculate that authorities in India are trying to disguise how Gurkiren died. She also claims that her daughter’s medical records were destroyed and they weren’t asked to pay for any of the procedures done.

British Councillor Marinder Kooner, a friend of the Loyal family, is working with Shabana Mahmood MP in search of justice. According to Mahmood;

“This is a deeply shocking and devastating tragedy. Gurkiren’s death, and the failure of the Indian authorities and the British High Commission to provide adequate support to the family, has added to their considerable distress – as has the appalling removal of all of her organs. I have raised this matter urgently with ministers at the Foreign Office seeking their support in ensuring Gurkiren’s organs are returned to her family.”

It seems to me that the Indian authorities either can’t, or won’t investigate this situation properly, so I hope investigators in the UK will have the chance to look into this independently.

(Photo: Ermolaev Alexander / Shutterstock)