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My Daughter Circumcised My Son With Her Gun On Accident, & I Blame Her Vaccinations For Giving Her Poor Judgement

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shutterstock_128832352My husband and I decided not to circumcise our son, and it was shocking to us that when I left my young daughter alone with him for the day she took matters into her own hands. Whether or not you believe in gun ownership, I think we can all agree that vaccinations cause autism.



You guys probably thought you had stumbled upon a totally different parenting website or something. Anyway, we wanna hear your most troll-worthy, rage inducing headline ideas in the comments, and whether or not you have pulled any April Fool’s day pranks on your kids!

Yes, this is your TGIFriday  Open Thread for the day so have at it! How are you? What is new? Are you enjoying spring and getting ready for the Easter Bunny? Have you all been voting in the Mommyish March Mayhem photo contest? All the entrants are so flippin’ cute I’m happy that I don’t have to pick a winner.

Every year I always send my husband an email or a text telling him my period is late and he has always fallen for it, but this year I can’t pull that one due to the fact I no longer have a uterus. I need a new prank!

So, tell me everything! What are you up to? How’s the family? Playing any pranks today? Eating anything delicious? Going on vacation? watching anything great or reading any new books?


Happy April Fool’s Day!

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