This ‘Gundam Guy’ Meet-Cute Is a Romantic Comedy for the Twitter Age

Real-life love stories are almost never as funny or exciting as romantic comedies. “We met at a bar” doesn’t have nearly the same ring as “I saved his brother from getting hit by a train, then fell in love with him while pretending to be his comatose brother’s fiance,” like in While You Were Sleeping. But one Twitter user’s love story came about thanks to social media, and it’s the cutest damn meet-cute I’ve ever seen.

Twitter user and anime fan Elle Howley has an Instagram account where she posts photos of pretty things, including her makeup. (She’s very good at makeup.)  This week on Twitter, she posted a series of four photos from the past two years, and it’s a love story for the ages.

“Our love story in four pictures,” she wrote.

It all began in March, 2016.

In March of 2016, she got a weird message from a random guy on Instagram. He offered to DM her a picture of his Gundam. She did not seem impressed. She also seemed to be pretty sure “Gundam” was a euphemism for something she did not want to see from a random Instagram dude.

Then he shocked her by actually sending a picture of his Gundam. It’s a Gundam model he built. It took him about six and a half hours over the course of a weekend. He seemed pretty proud of it, and it did look awfully cool.

It’s a little unusual to send photos of one’s Gundam models to random women on Instagram, even if the model is very well made. But a month later Howley happened to meet the “Gundam Guy” by accident. It must have gone well, because she announced to Twitter that, “Today I met the Gundam Guy in person by chance and IDK man, I might marry him.”

Then they met in person by accident.

Clearly there is only one way this story is allowed to end. This week she posted an update:

They’re engaged! Howley and Gundam Guy are getting married! Love is real and this is adorable.

This could not be any cuter. Congratulations, Gundam Guy and Gundam Girl!

(Image: iStockPhoto/coward_lion)

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