Ridiculous Administrators Suspend Second-Grader For Making A Gun-Shaped Pastry

gun drawingPeople! Is it seriously so hard to use a little common sense when it comes to children and school discipline? I wouldn’t think so. But the latest extreme over-reaction about gun safety from school administrators proves otherwise. A second grade child has been suspended for making a “gun-shaped” pastry.

Little Josh Welch was just eating a Pop Tart. Administrators say that the young child chewed his snack into the shape of a gun and said, “Bang, bang.” For that, this boy was suspended for two days.

Please everyone, think for a second about the number of obscene shapes you could make with a Pop Tart. Then think about getting suspended from school for making any of those said shapes. It’s still ludicrous!

What’s more than that, Josh says that he never even made a gun out of his breakfast pastry. He says that his Pop Tart was shaped like a mountain. Which really shouldn’t matter that much, because who on earth gets suspended for shaping a pastry into anything? I am just so amazed and the level of incompetence that seems to be going on here!

Josh, who has a hard time in class and suffers from ADHD, probably isn’t looking at his first strike. My guess is that the school had disciplinary issues with him before and therefore gave a more severe punishment than necessary because the gun-shaped pastry was a continuation of certain inappropriate behavior. At least, that’s what I’m assuming because I’m trying to make sense of a completely senseless situation. I could be completely and utterly wrong here.

Josh, who likes art class, admits that he sometimes draws tanks or guns during art. He says that he doesn’t try to draw “inappropriate stuff.” He’s just a kid who is drawing things he is interested in. Whether we like it or not, plenty of young boys are interested in guns and army equipment.

But seriously! SERIOUSLY! We’re talking about a possible gun-shaped Pop Tart. This should not be a thing. This shouldn’t be an issue we have to discuss. Punishing this boy at all of a Pop Tart that might have been shaped like a gun is simply ridiculous.

(Photo: Aleks Melnik/Shutterstock)

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