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10 Gun Cakes For Kids That You Can Eat Without A Background Check

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Hey! Your kid is turning 12 or eight or seven months or whatever, and you’d like a fresh idea for his birthday cake, wouldn’t you? Nothing says, “I love you baby!” better than an instrument of death, made from fondant or delicious frosting and plastered on a cake. Make sure you serve up some refreshing fruit punch that could also double as copious amounts of blood spewing forth from a wound. Paint some acorns to look like shell-casings and we’ve got ourselves a party!

1.  The “So Yummy That No One Will Use It For Mass Destruction” Cake

gun cake


Nothing says “tween party” like an assault rifle!

2.  The “Celebrate With A Bang!” Cake


Annette Galloway/ Pinterest

Glad you’ve made it to twelve and now we can “arm” you with deliciousness!

3. The “Stand Your Ground, Dustin!” Cake


Debbie Sibley/ Pinterest

This gun was made with love, Dustin. We’re so proud of you! Sorry about your black teeth.

4.  The “First-Degree Yum!” Cake


Nothing says “milestones” like target practice!

5. The “Locked, Loaded And Delicious!” Cake


Linda Paquet Durey/ Pinterest

This is a Nerf gun everyone. Relax!

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