10 Gun Cakes For Kids That You Can Eat Without A Background Check

Hey! Your kid is turning 12 or eight or seven months or whatever, and you’d like a fresh idea for his birthday cake, wouldn’t you? Nothing says, “I love you baby!” better than an instrument of death, made from fondant or delicious frosting and plastered on a cake. Make sure you serve up some refreshing fruit punch that could also double as copious amounts of blood spewing forth from a wound. Paint some acorns to look like shell-casings and we’ve got ourselves a party!

1.  The “So Yummy That No One Will Use It For Mass Destruction” Cake

gun cake

Nothing says “tween party” like an assault rifle!

2.  The “Celebrate With A Bang!” Cake

Annette Galloway/ Pinterest

Glad you’ve made it to twelve and now we can “arm” you with deliciousness!

3. The “Stand Your Ground, Dustin!” Cake

Debbie Sibley/ Pinterest

This gun was made with love, Dustin. We’re so proud of you! Sorry about your black teeth.

4.  The “First-Degree Yum!” Cake


Nothing says “milestones” like target practice!

5. The “Locked, Loaded And Delicious!” Cake

Linda Paquet Durey/ Pinterest

This is a Nerf gun everyone. Relax!

6. The “Empty Shell Casings” Cake


“Bambi” is for pussies.

7. The “Stop Or Little Dave Will Shoot!” Cake

Jaci Rae/ Pinterest

As soon as he can wrap his little fingers around the trigger!

8. The “Look – A Dead Guy On A Child’s Cake” Cake

Rita’s Party/ Pinterest

It’s okay. He doesn’t really understand the concept of death yet.

9. The “You’ll Never Be Without Ammo” Cake 


You’ll never want for ammo, child.

10. The “Wash All That 2nd Amendment Down With A Cold Beer” Cake

Heather Gray/ Pinterest

Oh, wait. Is this inappropriate?

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