3 Strange But Fun Groundhog Day Craft Tutorials From YouTube

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In the hustle and bustle of the new year, and the stress of Valentine’s Day, (…you have to write HOW MANY cards for your class?!) one holiday often gets forgotten in the shuffle – Groundhog Day. I actually enjoy Groundhog Day, as lame as that sounds. There is something about a million people glued to their TVs waiting for a little rodent to pop his head up that warms my cold, cold heart. Does Punxsutawney Phil really predict when spring is coming? No effing way Probably not. Is it still a cute holiday? You bet.

In the spirit of this oft-forgotten but still awesome holiday, I bring you three fun but obviously weird Groundhog Day crafts. Because, as much as I hate crafting, I think if any holiday deserves to be immortalized in hot glue and construction paper, it’s Groundhog Day.

3. A Groundhog Day…bookmark?

While the video maker doesn’t actually call this craft a “bookmark” until more than halfway through, I figured out what it was pretty quickly. And who doesn’t need another bookmark? My only qualm with this craft is that it seems more Valentines-related than Groundhog-tastic. But who am I to argue with a crafty wench like Jessica here?

2. Groundhog hole

This one was so cute it was like a punch in the face. First of all, the mom’s name is Ginny, which is my baby sister’s name, so she scores points for that. Second, she refers to her daughter as “my assistant” the entire time. ADORBZ. The best part is that this craft is super easy. I mean, so easy even I wouldn’t mind doing it.

1. Groundhog Day mask

This is another eHow tutorial, this time from an illustrator named Gene who really likes to repeat himself, because THAT jokes hasn’t been made before. This is another really simple one, and I like that not only does he makes drawing a pretty damn good groundhog look easy, but he actually shows you how to do it in a way that even an elementary school kid could do.