8 Greetings Cards Hallmark Needs To Make For Parents

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Hallmark sells cards for a lot of occasions: National Boss’s Day, Sweetest Day, Friendship Day – oh crap, is that a thing? Sorry, friends that I’ve been neglecting by not sending a $3.79 greeting card to once a year. But greeting cards manufacturers are missing out on a hefty market share by not offering parents the kinds of cards they really need to buy for each other, not just at the holidays, but all year round. Be honest: you and your spouse have probably needed one of these a lot more than you’ve needed a “Happy April Fool’s Day” card.



Which is worse: having the flu, or being the only one healthy enough to take care of two sick kids and a spouse?

2. THANK YOU card 2

Through a mysterious and poorly-understood property of physics, the weight and inertia of a tandem stroller are actually directly proportional to how far away from home you are at any given moment.


If you manage to remember within a month of the actual date, congratulations! You’re doing fine.


sorry card 2

Are “sorry, not sorry” cards a genre? I think they really should be, especially where dirty diapers are involved.

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