Great Idea! Pole Dancing For The 3-Year-Old Set

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So this is somewhat horrifying. The Daily Mail reports that a pole-dancing studio in Northampton offers a class for children as young as three years old. I figured this must be one of those trademark British tabloid hoaxes, but if you go to the Make Me Fabulous Dance Studio web site, you will be greeted with pictures of lingerie-clad pole dancers and an announcement of the class:

Little Spinners
Yes! We’re doing it for the kids! The long awaited children’s pole class is here. Learn to lift, spin, climb and fly in a safe and fun environment. Help your children to use their bodies, move, balance and be free. Suitable for any child under 16 years.

The Daily Mail reports that classes cost five pounds and eight girls are already attending. The story also notes that Trendy Monkeys salon offers makeovers for children as young as … one. Le sigh.

The proponents of the class say it’s just about fitness. But obviously boys aren’t being signed up for this. The story also quotes mothers who take their little girls to class. But where in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks are the dads here? Are they hoping their daughters will go from pole dancing to a lifelong interest in academic pursuits or brain surgery, right?

No one is arguing that a pole class would be bad absent the context. But the context overwhelms any physical fitness, right? What does it say to inculcate a little girl child in the idea that her job as a female is to give pleasure to men for their tittilation?

And lest you wonder about the context, the article explains that the room in which the girls perform and practice is decorated with pink feather boas and sparkling mirrors. The web site could not be more clear — featuring pictures of lingerie clad women and descriptions of the “sexy” and “invigorating” exercise.

One child protective group thought the pole dancing was worrisome:

Kidscape director Claude Knights said: ‘Exposing children to pole dancing at such a young age carries a great risk.

‘The children will innocently enjoy copying the raunchy moves they learn, but be completely unaware of the sexual messages these send out which inevitably can have dangerous results.

Yes, what could possibly go wrong with training your little girl to pole dance?

It kind of turns Chris Rock’s whole “keep your daughter off the pole” bit on its head, eh?