Helpful Grandpa’s Doll Makeover Is the Stuff of Nightmares

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As a mom to two young girls, I’ve seen my share of dolls. I’ve also seen what happens to those dolls when they get played with. Like, REALLY played with. Matted hair, grimy faces, limbs missing. I’m Team Throw It Away, and rarely try to salvage the beat-up dolls. But, if I ever attempt a doll makeover, I’ll make sure to do the exact opposite of whatever this helpful grandpa attempted. Taking a doll from slightly dingy to nightmarish is quite the feat!

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Twitter user Tasha McTashface shared the photo of the doll her dad tried to fix with his doll makeover. Heads up, this one is going to stick with you.

There just … there are no words for this abomination.

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Apparently, Tasha’s dad tried to clean up the doll’s face using white spirits, which is basically turpentine. Because doll features are painted on, the spirit just … wiped the entire face right the fuck off. So, in an attempt to fix his mistake, he cut eyes out of a magazine and glued them on.

The result is a little less Bratz doll, and little more Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. It rubs the lotion on it’s skin.

The responses to Tasha’s original tweet are as amazing as the eyeless doll. People were moved by gramp’s efforts, while simultaneously disturbed by the result of his helpfulness.

The before and after reminded one person of another infamous “restoration”. I am CACKLING.

The doll wouldn’t have been that scary, if it wasn’t for the human eyes he used as replacements.

It legit looks like a real person is trapped inside of that doll, and it’s nightmarish. And also hilarious. There’s only one option, and that is to kill it with fire.

As disturbing as the doll ended up, it’s important to focus on how sweet the idea was. He just wanted to make his granddaughter’s doll good as new! That is an excellent grandpa.

Bloody hero, indeed. Well-done, grandpa! Might we suggest a baby wipe the next time you try to clean a doll?

(Image: Pixabay/Alexas_Fotos)