Newsflash, Grandparents: It’s Never Okay To Cut Your Grandkids’ Hair Without Asking

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woman-giving-child-haircutParents and grandparents often have different ideas about the way kids should be raised, but at the end of the day it’s the parents’ choice and most sane people realize that. Still, not everyone gets it. If they did, we wouldn’t constantly see frustrated parents venting after grandma and grandpa crossed the line yet again.

I was browsing Reddit recently and came across one such boundary violation that I couldn’t believe is even a real thing: grandparents cutting kids’ hair without permission. User GirlNamedGeorge wrote:


This seemed totally absurd to me, but to my surprise a few people chimed in on this user’s post to let her know plenty of their friends have had similar things happen. Apparently haircuts without consent are a phenomenon among grandparents and extended family. I had no idea.

It shouldn’t need to be said, but randomly cutting a kid’s hair without their parents’ permission is the opposite of okay. Yes, hair grows back and they probably didn’t mean any harm, but that’s not really the point. The real issue is the complete and utter boundary violation that is altering a child’s appearance against their parents’ wishes.

Even though I don’t have experience with secret haircuts, I once harbored fears that one of my kid’s grandparents would pierce my daughter’s ears without permission and the experience was stressful and awful. They were so insistent about piercing her ears and had a history of doing other things without my permission, like introducing my infant to new, unapproved foods and refusing to follow our bedtime requests when babysitting. Eventually I had to address the constant boundary crossing because I truly feared coming home one evening to find my six-month-old with shiny new earrings punched into her ears.

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