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Grandmother Prays to a Lord of the Rings Figure by Accident, and the Internet Can’t Stop Laughing

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On Friday, makeup artist Gabriela Brandão announced that she had made the “funniest discovery of 2016.” She’s not wrong.

Brandão was visiting with family when she noticed something unusual about the tiny St. Anthony figure that her daughter’s great-grandmother prays to every single day: He has pointy little ears. He also has long hair, braids, a little silver crown, and a striking resemblance to actor Hugo Weaving. Her grandmother prays to a Lord of the Rings figure by accident, and this has apparently been going on for years.

The devout lady thought she was praying to a tiny figure of Saint Anthony, but somehow she had picked up a tiny figure of Elrond the elf from The Lord of the Rings.


(Facebook/Gabriela Brandao)

It’s not clear how this nice, very religious great-grandmother got her hands on a tiny elf figurine instead of a statue of Saint Anthony, but everyone seems to find the mix-up completely hilarious. Brandão’s post has been shared more than 3,000 times since Friday, and her followers are absolutely tickled by the combination of nerdery and light sacrilige.

It’s not completely unreasonable that the lady would pick up the wrong figure. It’s a very tiny little elf statue that’s only about two inches tall, and he does wear brown robes that look vaguely monk-like. And she’s certainly not alone in having made this sort of mix-up. My mother came to visit me at school once and told me that she’d gone to pray at the big statue in front of the art museum. I paused, the wheels in my head turned, and I realized that the only big statue in front of the art museum was this:



It’s Rodin’s ‘Gates of Hell.’ Oops.

I never did tell my mother that she was praying to the gates of Hell, and I probably would have let my grandmother keep praying to a tiny statue of Hugo Weaving for the rest of her life. Brandão did step in, though, and while it took a couple days for the family to get her to understand that her tiny statue of Saint Anthony was actually a tiny statue of an elf from The Lord of the Rings, grandmother now gets it, and they got her a new figure of Saint Anthony to replace it.

I hope they kept the holy Elrond, though.