Grandma Leaves Kids the Middle Finger and Over $1 Million in Shredded Money

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giphy (17)One has to admire a little bit the chutzpah of a grandmother in Austria who passed away this week leaving behind an epic middle finger to her heirs in the form of over $1 million in destroyed cash, because she decided to shred it rather than let them have it. She even left it in a pile in the middle on her bed. 

Leaving behind a pile of shredded Euros to spite one’s children and grandchildren does not sound like the actions of a particularly cuddly grandma, but you have to give the lady points for some stone-cold style. That is some particularly epic heir-trolling. It sounds like something Lucille Bluth from Arrested Development would do. (Lucille would probably hire someone to leap out of a closet and throw the shredded bills at her grieving children.)

 According to Yahoo Parenting, the grandmother died in a retirement home, and she left behind a pile of 950,000 euros in cash and savings account books all chopped up in a little pile on her bed. One cannot imagine why she wanted to spite her heirs so badly, but it sounds like a pretty clear message. I think the only way to make it clearer would have been had she paid a nursing home employee to pose her remains so that she was giving her heirs two middle fingers.

According to Forbes, the woman may have been trying to disinherit her heirs, which can apparently be very difficult in Austria.

But while the departed grandmother gets several points for style, she gets no points at all for efficacy, because Austria’s central bank replaces shredded bills, so the grandmother’s heirs will get their money after all.

If she wanted to deny her heirs the money, a much better route would have been to donate the money to charity before she died. Not only could that much money have done a whole lot of good for a whole lot of needy people, but it would have effectively kept the money out of the hands of the woman’s heirs, and there would be nothing for them to do but sit around and gnash their teeth about the lost funds. That would have the benefit of making her heirs look like jerks, too, because only a jerk could possibly say, “Where is my million dollars? How dare my departed mother leave it all to hungry orphans?”

I wouldn’t normally recommend using charity to spite someone, but hey, at least the money does some good that way.

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