‘Grandma Showers’ Are Here To Annoy Pregnant Women Everywhere

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According to a Yahoo Shine pregnancy trend report, Grandma showers are going to be a thing this year. As in, Grandma gets a baby shower, to be showered with gifts for her grandbaby. I am not behind this trend.

I don’t think moms-to-be would be behind it either, if they knew that once their child was born, their sweet, sweet mother is going to turn into a know-it-all micromanager. Okay, now I’m projecting – but if you’re pregnant, baby showers are pretty much the last time that anything is going to be all about you. Soon, baby will come into the world, and everyone is going to forget that you exist for a while. Step off, grandma. Right?



I took to the Babycenter boards to see if this was actually a thing, and found this little gem:

“I just found out that some of my mom’s friends are throwing her a baby shower (I guess a grand baby shower). And my husband’s extended family are throwing a baby shower for my sister-in-law and mother-in-law. I haven’t been invited to these showers. For the extended family shower, from what I’ve heard, it’s already been scheduled (like, invites sent) for a date that I’m not available. So, is this normal?!?!? I mean, I guess it’s so they can get baby supplies for if/when my baby visits their houses, but what about me? I would have liked a baby shower!”

Can you believe this? It seems like literally every other woman in her family is getting a shower thrown for the arrival of her baby – planned for a day when she’s not even available. Wow. I’d love to be a fly on the wall for holiday dinners in this family. I bet they’re entertaining.



I understand that some children spend a lot of time with their grandmothers. But throwing a separate shower for grandma just seems to be a bit much. If this really does become a trend, I see it as one of those things that can potentially become really awkward – for the mother who is totally not interested in this concept and for the friends who may all be rolling their eyes.

If one of these takes off in your family, might I suggest some gifts that may help your relationship with grandma once the baby comes? Maybe a muzzle and a framed copy of the ultrasound that has YOUR name on it?

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