Grandma Ends Her Dance on the Baseball Stadium Jumbotron by Flashing Everyone

I’ve been to more Dodger games than I can count, and I’ve definitely witnessed some interesting things come across the giant Jumbotron in left field. Countless proposals, spilled drinks, and hilarious near-catches make up the bulk of what I’ve seen flash across the screen, but I’ve never seen anyone literally flash on the screen. However, everyone at the July 8 Dodgers/Royals game can no longer say that, thanks to ””if you can believe it”” an 80-year-old grandma flashes the entire stadium.

Like most ballparks, Dodger Stadium entertains its fans between innings via the outfield Jumbotron. Sometimes they run contests, other times it’s a Kiss-Cam, and, most often, they film their fans dancing to the music blasting from the loudspeakers. Usually, people dance until they see themselves on the screen, then they freak out and stop. This time, a certain granny kept on going…and going. 

You have to watch this video until the end when grandma flashes everyone.

I mean. If she isn’t #IDGAFGoals, I don’t know what is.

The stadium (which had 45,225 in attendance) went absolutely apeshit, because how often do you see a Grandma do something like this? She is literally a living legend.

People could not get enough of her!

According to the Los Angeles ABC News affiliate, Flashing Granny had already been on the jumbotron earlier in the game. ABC said, “the crew working the stadium video room, where the camera shots are handled, broke out in laughter.” Damn right they did.

At the time of the flashing, the Dodgers were down by a run. They came back to win the game 5-4. If the Dodgers make the playoffs, they need to bring back this Rally Granny.

(Image: Twitter / @mattlogelin)

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