Grandma Accidentally Texts Wrong Teen, Invites Him to Thanksgiving Dinner Anyway

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Texting is tough, especially when you’re a grandparent. One minute you’re trying to invite your grandson to Thanksgiving dinner by text, because you know he’s a Millennial and won’t pick up the actual phone for love or money, and the next thing you know, it turns out you’ve been texting the wrong number and just invited a completely different kid to Thanksgiving dinner! It’s the sort of mistake that could happen to anybody, but when it happened in Arizona recently, local grandma Wanda Dench just decided just decided she could use another grandkid, so he came to dinner anyway.

Two weeks ago Dench was trying to contact her grandson to invite him to Thanksgiving dinner. He’d changed his number and forgotten to tell his grandma (shame!), and she wound up texting 17-year-old Jamal Hinton, instead. Hinton figured it out, but Dench did not make it easy for him. When he asked who was texting him, she wrote: “Your grandma!” and included a grandma emoji.

Still suspicious, Hinton asked for a picture. Dench sent one, and she was not his grandma. It was pretty funny, especially when he texted back and asked if he could have a plate anyway. Hinton seems like he was joking, but Dench said sure thing and invited the teenager she accidentally invited to Thanksgiving dinner to come over for real.



That story had everything. Mistaken identity, grandmas failing at texting, and strangers being adorable and friendly to each other. The story quickly wound up going viral, as Hinton’s screenshots were liked more than 430,000 times and retweeted more than 210,000 times, and everyone kind of hoped they really would wind up having Thanksgiving dinner together, because that would be the angel on top of this Christmas tree of cuteness.

Meanwhile, the grandson who caused all this discovered what had happened when all of a sudden he had a ton of messages on his phone, and his boyfriend called him like, “Your grandma is on the Internet!” Then he saw the screenshots and realized that he’d forgotten to give his grandma his new phone number when he got a new phone back in May.

“Now my grandma’s everyone’s grandma!” he laughed to The Republic‘s Yihyun Jeong. He has presumably given his grandmother his new phone number by now.

Hinton and Dench and her family really did wind up having Thanksgiving dinner together, too. Hinton came over to Dench’s house on Thursday, and said Hinton was just as open and welcoming as a person can be, which makes sense considering she’s the type of person who would say, “Oops! Wrong number. But do you want to come for Thanksgiving dinner anyway?”