School Allows Great-Grandpa To Pick Up Wrong Kid, Insert Your Parental Outrage Here

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shutterstock_177190172__1393531957_142.196.167.223A great-grandfather in a small Connecticut town drove to school to get his grandchild and came home with the wrong kid. The boy refused to get out of the car when they finally got to the house, great-granddad’s wife noticed, and he took him back to school. Maybe this man shouldn’t be driving? Certainly he shouldn’t be picking up a grandchild he doesn’t even recognize. Yikes. I’m harping on great-grandpa, but I haven’t even gotten started on the school yet. Isn’t there some sort of security protocol for releasing five-year-olds into the world?

The superintendent of the school claimed the children were wearing similar hats, which caused the mix-up. Well, that explains everything!

The man’s family called the school to explain that the wrong child had been brought home and he was bringing the child back. The principal called the boy’s mother to let her know what happened and that “he knows the man” and her son is “safe.” Can you imagine receiving this call? Hi! We let your son leave school with a stranger who doesn’t recognize his own grandchild, but everything’s cool. He’s driving him back to school. No, we didn’t notify police or anything like that.

The school didn’t notify police. Now, I’m not saying that great-granddad is a criminal – but isn’t there some sort of protocol for notifying authorities when a child is taken off campus – even by accident – by a stranger? Also, if I were those parents I wouldn’t exactly feel safe with my child driving with someone who managed to not notice that he picked up the wrong child. Call me paranoid.

The boy’s mother, Angela Stone, said she was relieved her child was okay but the ordeal was “far from over.”

“This unbelievable and terrifying incident that our family has been through has placed the spotlight on our schools lack of security,” she explained. “Especially during parent pick up and bus dismissal time.”

Agreed. This is terrible.

(photo: Budimir Jevtic/ Shutterstock)