Grab The Kleenex: Mom Recovering From Flesh-Eating Bacteria Reunited With Twin Babies

Around the office, we’ve all been a little teary-eyed whenever the story of Lana Kuykendall comes up. She’s the 36-year-old mother of twins from South Carolina who fell victim to flesh-eating bacteria just a few short days after giving birth.

Being a new mom to twins is intense enough. Having to leave your days-old infants because of a possibly deadly medical condition is just plain terrifying. There is nothing to do but pray for people who are put into such horrible positions. That’s why it’s so nice to hear that after at least seven surgeries and a couple weeks, Lana was able to see her twins, Abigail and Ian.

Kuykendall’s doctors warn that she isn’t free and clear yet, but they remain optimistic about her diagnosis. “Recovery will be a slow process, but she’s doing well at this time,” Dr. Bill Kelly, a hospital epidemiologist for Greenville Hospital System, told Fox Carolina. “We believe she has turned the corner.”

Lana’s story has pulled at the heartstrings of mothers everywhere, so it’s amazing to know that she’s doing well and finally seeing her kids again. Grab some Kleenex and check out this video for a little feel-goodness to be added to your day.

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