Grab A Tissue: A Mother’s Love Brings Her Infant Out Of A Coma

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The story of Adam Cheshire is surely proof that miracles happen. I’m not saying that I know who specifically performs those miracles, I’m just saying that there’s no other explanation for this amazing little boy’s journey.

Adam was born 16 months ago to Charlotte and Chris Cheshire. While his birth seemed normal at first, it was soon discovered that Adam had a truly dangerous disease. A day after his delivery, the infant started making grunting noises and refusing to feed. Soon, he had seizures, organ failure, and was put into a medically-induced coma. Adam had contracted Group B Strep Meningitis.

To make matters more complicated, Charlotte had suffered from a pelvic split. All the bones in her pelvis had separated from one another. She was in a tremendous amount of pain, and couldn’t immediately be with her son in the NICU. But after she and her husband received their little boy’s diagnosis, she was determined to go hold him, no matter how painful or difficult it was to move.

Charlotte said of seeing him, “I’ll never forget how I felt looking into that incubator for the first time. He had more wires attached to his tiny body than I have ever seen. The midwife told us to take a photo and we feared it would be the only one we ever had of our son.” At this point, I simply cannot imagine the heartbreak that these parents must have been going through.

After weeks of watching their son struggle for life, never seeing his eyes open at all, Adam’s breathing slowly began improving. Finally, Charlotte was able to hold her son once he was taken off the ventilator. And to the surprise of medical professionals everywhere, the child that they were getting ready to give up on, that they had assumed would have brain damage and disabilities if he lived at all, opened his eyes. Once he was cuddled on his mom’s chest, Adam woke up.

After that, Adam’s health continued to improve. Three weeks later, he was able to go home with his family, after his mom spent hours holding him, and rocking him to sleep.

No, over a year later, Adam is a growing boy. He has a hearing impairment, but no trace of the threatened brain damage. He recently took his first steps without any help from mom or dad.

As mothers, we all know the strength and power of physical contact. We know the difference it makes when we hold our children close. There isn’t a child alive who doesn’t believe that mom can always make them better, and for very good reason. But I think we can all agree that Adam’s case is nothing short of miraculous.

I hope all of us read this story and think about the power that comes with motherhood, the ability to help our kids in ways that can’t be explained or taught. Doesn’t a story like this just make you feel powerful?

Now go give those babies, no matter what age they are, a big hug.

(Photo: hansenn/Shutterstock)