Got Milk? These Women Sure Do!

You know those awesome ‘flashmob‘ videos your friends are forever forwarding to you via email? The ones in which hundreds of people break into spontaneous song and dance in the middle of a downtown street, for instance, or in an unassuming little cafe? There is something so incredibly powerful about them, I am always amazed!

Hundreds of nursing mothers gave a whole new meaning to the term earlier today at a major UK shopping mall. But rather than break into song and dance, they breastfed their babies (hundreds of them at once!). The move was an attempt to highlight the health benefits of breastfeeding during National Breastfeeding Awareness Week, which runs until June 26.

The event took place inside the Trafford Centre shopping mall in Manchester as a group of women congregated on the steps, whipped out their boobs and began nursing their little ones at the same time. It doesn’t exactly have the same effect of a Glee-type of performance replete with bells and whistles but, hey, it’s certainly not your everyday shopping experience!

(Photo: Cavendish Press)



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