16 Amazing ‘Golden Girls’ Products Off Etsy That You Need In Your Life Now

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Write your memoir about life back in the tiny town of St. Olaf with these Golden Girls pencils.

What better way to start your, “Picture it: Sicily, 1927” stories than with your very own Golden Girls pencil! You’ll be the talk of the retirement home when you whip one of these bad boys out to fill in your crossword puzzle. Or your kids will abscond with them all to do their homework. One or the other. This set of five pencils from MadcapAndCo on Etsy is just perfection. And for just $5 a set, you can afford to get a few so you always have a GG pencil on hand. The set includes the following pencils: Eat Dirt and Die, Trash!; Picture It: Sicily, 1922; Back in St. Olaf…; Shady Pines, Ma!; and of course, Thank You for Being a Friend.

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