16 Amazing ‘Golden Girls’ Products Off Etsy That You Need In Your Life Now

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Turn any party into a Shady Pines party with these adorable Golden Girls photo booth props.

Get ready to decorate that lanai and party like it’s 1986! These Golden Girls photo booth props from CutepaperShop are the perfect prop for any party. Literally, any party. Birthday party? Do it. Anniversary party? Absolutely. Bridal or baby shower? Obviously. Kids’ birthday party? Weird, but why not! You can buy them in pairs, or as the quartet, and you can even get two of each face if you want. Two faces cost $10, and all four cost $20, plus shipping. Maybe your friend is getting a divorce and you’re throwing her a Congrats on Being Single Again party. That clearly calls for Blanche and Dorothy on a stick.

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