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Daycare Teacher Bites Toddler In Idiot Attempt To Teach Him Not To Bite

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goddardAt a private daycare in Woodbridge, Virginia, a daycare teacher has been arrested for biting a 13-month-old boy on his shoulder in retaliation after he bit another teacher. And then the owner of the daycare told her staff not to report it to the child’s parents or the police. One of them did anyway, because oh my god this teacher bit a freaking 13-month-old. PS, she also left a mark.

Teacher Theresa Elaine Brown, age 24, has a long criminal history, as it turns out, and may not have been legally able to work at a daycare in the first place. According to Inside Nova, she has been previously charged with charges of larceny, embezzlement, grand larceny, resisting arrest, assault and driving on a revoked license, all of which are supposed to be disclosed when applying for work at a day care. Maybe she didn’t report it, and maybe no one did a background check, or maybe the thought was that none of those things involved kids, so she was good to go, right? Wrong. Brown has been charged with assault and battery.

As for the Goddard School’s owner, Nadia Maqsood Choudry, also 24, she has been charged with failure to report child abuse or neglect. But she clearly has excellent judgment, so I’m sure she’ll land on her feet.

This whole “I’ll teach you not to bite by showing you how much it hurts to get bitten” thing is not new. And while I am not a fan of that particular parenting method, surely anyone would know that that is a mistake you make with your children, and not someone else’s. I would also guess that Brown does not know her child development (I know, it’s a long shot) but I doubt that a 13-month-old has the ability to say, “Wow. I had no idea of the pain I was inflicting on others. I shall never bite again. Now hold on for a sec…ok, I just went poop.”

The Goddard School’s blog, by the way, has a whole page on how to handle children who hit or bite. I skimmed it. It does say, “Respond immediately,” perhaps that’s where Brown stopped reading.

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