This Super Cute Glowing Minnie Mouse Costume Is Powered By Dreams And Science

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My mother always made my Halloween costumes, and now I make them myself. But neither of us has ever made anything that can hold a candle to this dad’s glowing LED Minnie Mouse costume, which turns his daughter into a bounding stick figure and changes color any time she laughs. It’s probably the coolest costume ever.

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According to the Daily Mail, Royce Hutain turned his daughter Zoey into a glowing stick figure for her first Halloween thanks to some LEDs and a black sweatsuit. It was an impressive feat, and the resulting YouTube video of a giggling, glowing stick figure running towards the camera racked up 22 million views. (It’s equal parts cute and terrifying, so there’s something in it for everybody.)

This year, though, Zoey’s suit got an upgrade. In addition to the Minnie Mouse ears, Zoey’s suit is colorful like a little glowing rainbow, and the colors change whenever she laughs or makes a loud noise. I like to think that effect was achieved by magic, or the power of a young girl’s joy, but I’m pretty sure it’s done with an Arduino microcontroller hooked up to a microphone. Either way, this is the cutest costume I have ever seen.

Check out this video of the new suit in action:


And here is the original, which is still a classic:


After the runaway success of last year’s video, Hutain went into business making stick figure costumes for other kids. They’re available on, and just FYI, they make these for adults, too.