Glimmer Of Hope: Unborn Baby Clings To Life After Colorado Shooting

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The Arapahoe County coroner has confirmed the identities of the 12 people dead in the Colorado theater shooting. Included among the 12 victims is Veronica Moser-Sullivan. At age 6, she is the youngest deceased victim. Pictured here, her aunt Annie Dalton described Veronica as a “vibrant little girl … just was bragging about learning how to swim on Tuesday.”

Veronica was with her mother Ashley Moser, 25, at the theater when the shooting rampage took place. News reports say that Ashley and Veronica had just experienced the death of Ashley’s father, with whom they lived. Ashley was trying to turn her life around and had entered a nursing program at the time of the shooting:

Ashley Moser and her little girl then moved in with an uncle, where they were living when they headed out for the AMC Theater Century 16 in Aurora, Colo., a suburb of Denver.

At 25, Moser had not had an easy life, her aunt said.

“Ashley struggled a lot,” Dalton said. [tagbox tag=”colorado shooting”]

But Moser was getting her life in order, Dalton said. She had taken classes to enter a nursing program, her goal being to earn a degree as a licensed practical nurse – the kind of nurse who cares for the sick, injured or disabled. Moser had been accepted into a nursing program and was living off student loan money because she wasn’t employed, Dalton said.

Sadly, Ashley was also shot in the neck and abdomen and is in critical condition. She was pregnant when she was shot and there are conflicting reports about whether the pregnancy was affected by the shooting.

The New York Daily News reports that the baby miraculously survived the shooting.

If you would like to help the Moser family with their expenses, here’s one online fundraiser that’s been launched.

(Photo: Moser family)