How to Give a Baby Medicine So They Won’t Spit It Out

At some point in your time as a parent, your kids are going to get sick. They’re going to need antibiotics or meds for a fever. Maybe they injured themselves and need something for the pain. Or maybe you’re dealing with a stomach thing and need to meds to try and stop the purge. Illness and injury happen, despite of our best efforts to keep them at bay. It’s hard enough dealing with sick kiddo, right? But then, you have to somehow get them to take their medicine. Older kids are usually pretty good about it, but giving a baby medicine can be tricky! They push everything out with their tongue, including the sticky pink stuff. Luckily, one brilliant mom found a hack that can make the whole process easier. I’m not saying it’ll go down like a spoonful of sugar, but at least it’ll go … down.

If you’ve ever struggled with giving a baby medicine, you’re going to want to see this.

Now, maybe this little trick has been around for a while, but this is the first time I’ve seen it! Fill the syringe as you normally would, but instead of trying to stick it down your baby’s throat, put the tip in a bottle nipple. Then, when they’re sucking on the nipple, push the plunger down slowly and dispense the meds through the nipple! Giving a baby medicine has never been easier. Sure, your baby might look at you like, WTF is this that I’m drinking? But they’ll keep on sucking, because that’s what they do on a nipple.

If you’ve got an older baby or toddler who doesn’t use a bottle nipple anymore, don’t worry. There’s a gadget for that!

giving a baby medicine
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This handy-dandy little pacifier medicine dispenser is easy to use and mess-free. Just fill the little cup with medicine, and let your kid go to town on the pacifier. Sure, it’s technically tricking them, but whatever. They need the meds, you need them to not cover their onesie with expensive antibiotics, it’s a win-win.

Giving a baby medicine doesn’t have to be a disaster! Sometimes being a parent means thinking outside of the box and tricking those adorable little maniacs into doing what we need them to do.

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