Giuliana Rancic’s Surrogate Shockingly Looks Like A Pregnant Woman

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Giuliana Rancic and her husband Bill Rancic have finally decided to share the identity of Edward Duke‘s surrogate. The couple revealed her without pixels over her face or shots of her in the dark or any other attempts to protect her privacy. They even share her name with many Giuliana & Bill fans. And in spite of the big “identity reveal” lead up, she just looks like any other pregnant woman I might pass on the park by my apartment. Which is very powerful for families who have worked with surrogates.

In a promotional trailer for their show, Giuliana and Bill tour a Colorado hospital with their surrogate Delphine. The then-pregnant woman accommodates the Rancics in their hypothetical hospital choreography of cord cutting and newborn holding. As long as they aren’t staring up her lady business, she nods and chews her gum with a smile.

Clearly, should Delphine have not wanted to be pulled into a reality series, respecting her wishes would have been a priority. But by presenting her to the public — appearing like any other pregnant woman touring a birthing facility — the Rancics are publicly tampering with a long-held convention of parenthood: the image of the heterosexual couple holding hands, the wife swelling with that coveted mommy glow. It must not be easy to tour birthing facilities as a threesome rather than a couple what with constant explanations and reminders that, no, you’re not cousins, you’re the parents, actually. But this couple is willing to challenge that image, not only in their private lives, but for all to see.

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