The Next Miracle Giuliana Rancic Baby Is Just A Uterus Away

Giuliana RancicGiuliana Rancic and her husband Bill Rancic have only had baby Edward Duke in their lives for about seven weeks, but the parents are reportedly already setting the “wheels in motion” for a second baby. Granted, when you have embryos to coordinate, a surrogate to line up, and a breast cancer diagnosis to consider, you probably would have to be pretty organized about when to factor in another baby. Especially if you want to set them pretty close in age to your first. Luckily, the couple seems to be on top of this sibling business and has a second baby just awaiting a uterus to grow in.

The couple told Life & Style that they do not plan to keep Edward Duke as an only child for long:

”We’ve got a few embryos on ice. They’re ready to go!” Giuliana tells Life & Style. ”A lot of people have one kid and it’s enough. But for us, we’re just having so much fun that we’d love to have another child.”

And they’re not just thinking about it. ”The wheels are in motion,” Bill confirms to Life & Style. ”We already have plans in the works!”

Giuliana tells the publication that prior to going on some breast cancer meds, the couple performed another round of IVF. They say that they have some embryos just hanging out on some ice cubes for now. Because of their very positive experience with Duke’s surrogate, Delpine, the husband and wife plan to ask her to carry their second child as well. You know the saying. If it ain’t broke, don’t choose another surrogate.

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