Dear Giuliana Rancic, We’re Happy To Give You Parenting Advice – So Stop Asking Kris Jenner

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Giuliana RancicDear Giuliana Rancic, I’m not sure if you’re contractually obligated to pretend to listen to Kris Jenner‘s parenting advice. I’m really hoping that the reason for your recent interview claiming that Jenner is like your “second mother.” But as a concerned citizen who happens to know where you can find a lot of really helpful parenting advice, I just want to let you know that the momager isn’t your only option.

I’m not going to go into exactly why Kris Jenner is a horrible person to get parenting advice from. You know. You’ve been forced to talk about the shows enough. Between the support her children’s sexual exploitation, calling one of her daughters fat, and routinely insulting her grandchildren’s father (Scott Disick doesn’t seem great, but the MIL should still support her daughter in front of the camera), the whole world understands that Jenner is a lot more PR rep than parent.

But Giuliana, maybe you feel like you have no where else to turn? If that’s the case, I just want to let you know that it’s not true! You said, “Kris gives me the greatest advice. You’ll email her one question, one line, and she’ll respond in four paragraphs. She’s the most thorough, amazing woman.”

Darlin, we write copious amounts on everything! It’s a blogger’s job to turn one sentence into four paragraphs. That’s what we’re good at. And I promise, any question you send our way will get an entire article addressing your problem. You have my Mommyish vow. I’ll be thorough and thoughtful and I won’t ever pretend that a sex tape is a good career move for your teenager, when he gets to that point.

Now, I admit, we probably won’t have all of the awesome gifts to send you that Jenner does. Apparently your little one is going to have his very own Olympic uniform, courtesy of the Jenner clan. But what we don’t have in material weight to throw around, we make up for with sanity. We’ll make up for it with down-to-earth support for the challenges that mothers face. Our solutions will never involve hiring a camera crew.

Listen, there are lots of places for new moms to go for advice. The internet is brimming with wonderful moms who want to help and support each other. Giuliana, you’re joining a great sisterhood of women who just want to help each other through a sometimes-terrifying, often-confusing, and totally amazing process. We’re all here to offer advice or even just a little encouragement when you need it.

So please don’t run to Kris Jenner. We don’t want another Kim Kardashian on our hands. The world has had enough. We don’t need more exploited celebrity children. We want more for you and your family.

Next time you have a question, please shoot me an email. You can find it at the bottom of the page and I promise to respond with more than four paragraphs. From the staff at Mommyish, we’re wishing you the best of luck. And we’re waiting to hear from you.

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