Man Sends Girlfriend Ridiculous ‘List of Rules’ For When She Goes on Vacation and It’s Utter Nonsense

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Some folks think relationships are complicated, but they really aren’t. Love one another. Respect one another. Trust one another. These are fairly simple rules, and basically the only rules you really need. But for some people, that’s not enough. Some people think they need to impose all sorts of crap on eachother. That’s when you know the relationship just ain’t right. And when your significant other writes a ‘list of rules’ for you when you’re going on vacation with your friends? That’s the giant, burning red flag letting you know you need to get the hell out—and fast.

According to Shareably, Twitter user @itslucyalton was prepping to go on vacation with her friends when she got a text from some guy she wasn’t even seriously dating. The text detailed a completely bat-shit list of things she was not allowed to do while on said vacation. Uhm. What?

Want to See the ‘List of Rules’?

Lucy’s friend, user @Ashgreenwayx, decided she needed to post this up on social media stat because it was totally bonkers. See for yourself because this is some Handmaid’s Tale level shit.

Obviously this dude (who’s apparently named Josh) has some major trust and jealousy issues. According to this list, he doesn’t want this girl (who isn’t even his GIRLFRIEND…god forbid he ever tricks someone into marrying his abusive ass) doing anything around or near any other guys. Not only should she not be giving out her number to other dudes, she also should not appear in any photos with other dudes (and I guess she’s screwed if anyone photobombs). But wait, she also can’t talk to any other guys (so if her cab driver or restaurant server is male, she’s just supposed to write everything down or something??) and she’s not even supposed to make EYE CONTACT with any dudes. Excuse me, I think I need to go laugh myself to death.

Clearly, this Josh person has issues. But yeah, seems like Lucy isn’t about that life thankfully. She was clear on her social media page stating that they were NOT together.

Oh, and jerk-face Josh even sent her a photo later of him kissing some other girl apparently? To…make her jealous? Maybe it was more like so she can find that girl and warn her about this emotionally abusive asshole.

Hope that girl figures him out, too. And kudos to you, Lucy, for not falling for that crap. No woman, no person, should.

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