A Little Girl Was Worried About Her Hamster, so She Took It to the Vet With Hilarious Results

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Hamster – 1, humans – 0. This is seriously the most adorable story I’ve heard in a while. A little girl, after realizing that her pet hamster hadn’t eaten or had any water in two days, rushed it to the veterinary hospital to get checked out. The hamster was still very much alive, it just hadn’t moved from the same spot in its cage for three days. Naturally, that would be cause for concern, especially since they are so small and can’t really communicate if something is terribly wrong with them so they can be helped. So the fact that this little girl had the wherewithal to get her pet checked out before it you, died says something about her level of compassion doesn’t it?

When she got it to the hospital, a veterinary student was the one who handled the case. The veterinary student told her sister the story, and the sister regaled the internet with this sweet, albeit a little bizarre story.

Apparently the girl told the vet that her pet just sat in the same corner of the cage for days. So naturally the vet asked if anything unusual had happened at home recently that could have caused the little hamster some sort of trauma. I mean, lots of things could be scary for a hamster. They’re not exactly big or very able to defend themselves from something bigger. The little girl explained that the pet had gotten out and that they found it in the kitchen under the fridge.

Let me tell you something, hamsters are quick little suckers.

I had a hamster as a kid who made it her main goal in life to escape from her tank. She figured out how to push her food bowl to the corner of the tank and use it as a step stool. Then she would try to push the top screen up with her little nose. Once, she almost did get the lid off the tank so them my dad put something heavy on top so she couldn’t.

So, back to the little girl. She tells the vet that she found her hamster under the fridge. So, the vet took the hamster out of its cage and lo and behold, the hamster was acting totally fine. Obviously, everyone was totally baffled by the rodent’s behavior. It was eating an drinking fine. Then, the vet checked its mouth…

There was a refrigerator magnet stuffed in its cheek. the hamster’s cage was made of metal. Put two and two together and say it with me. The hamster was stuck to its cage. So it wasn’t traumatized or depressed, it was stuck! Just when you think an animal can’t be any sillier, a hamster is found stuck to its cage because it felt the need to hoard a magnet. Hamsters, they’re cute as heck, but not very smart.

But thank goodness that little girl loved her pet enough to take it in; otherwise, it probably would have died eventually.

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