Don’t Mess With Texas: Girl Scouts Respond To Cookie Money Theft By Troop Leaders

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girl scoutsIn response to my piece on the rampant theft of Girl Scouts cookie money by troop leaders, Mommyish received the following statement from Girl Scouts Of Central Texas. The organization’s spokesperson confirmed that although thieving troop leaders may get away with that cookie money in other parts of the country, GSCTX comes down hard on stealing from their girls:

 In the rare occurrence that theft takes place, we will work with all involved parties to document the incident to seek redress. In the event money is not returned, we will take legal action up to and including filing theft charges to recoup any and all losses. – Girl Scouts of Central Texas

Girl Scouts of Colorado also confirmed via Twitter that taking hard-earned cookie money from their girls has resulted in “strong policies”:

girl scouts

(photo: patrimonio designs limited/ Shutterstock)