Girl Scouts Get Modern New Badges

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When I think of Girl Scouts, I think cookies, of course, but also June Cleaver-esque things like sewing and baking. Activities that, let’s face it, are a bit outdated (sure, they’re important skills, but they’re very 1960s). Thankfully, the organization is getting with the times. Scouts can now earn badges for more modern skills including website design, digital movie-making and financial literacy. And to this I say, It’s about time!

It’s actually the first time since 1987 that Girl Scouts has revamped its badges in such a major way, and it comes just in time for next year’s 100th anniversary. Of course, much has changed over the past few decades – most notably on the technology front – and so it’s nice to see the long-overdue revamp. In the past, for instance, girls could earn a “Computer Fun” badge simply by saving a digital file (!); today that’s been overhauled to include more advanced badges such as Digital Photography and Movie Making.

“These badges focus on giving girls fun with purpose, so they can go ahead and be leaders in the next century,” said Alisha Niehaus, executive editor in charge of program resources for Girl Scouts of the USA.

According to, Girl Scouts is also introducing a “Science of Happiness” badge, which teaches girls how to find happiness in their own lives and “prepares them for the psychological stresses of grown-up modern life.” Soooo Oprah! But I like it.